Reif Oil Company sells propane in Southeast Iowa for home heating, agricultural applications, and commercial customers. We can fill your tanks at our Mediapolis site, or deliver propane to your home, farm, or job-site.

In addition to selling and delivering propane, Reif Oil Company also offers propane tank rental, and propane tank sales, parts, and repair.  We ensure that you have exactly what you need for your operation. We want to make sure you keep your business running smoothly, safely and efficiently.

For safety reasons, your propane tank needs to be in tip-top condition. A damaged or compromised propane tank is dangerous and could cause physical injuries and property damage if the container fails.  Protect yourself, your family, and your employees: let the propane experts at Reif Oil Company take a look at your propane equipment.  We will make sure it is in good condition and and complies with safety regulations.

Contact Reif Oil Company today for all of your propane and propane equipment needs.  We offer the best propane products and services in Southeast Iowa.